Welcome to Lincoln Row LLC: The oar that moves you forward.

We are a solutions firm developing software to address needs in personal communication and development.  Our first solution, the relationship explorer app is currently being developed.  We are in the initial phase.

Our solutions will span the following areas:

  • Personal Communication
  • Individual Potential
  • Broadening the Mind and Spirit through Travel

Nahar Relationship Explorer:  This web and mobile application will allow people to better navigate their personal relationships to their partner.  The application will provide guiding questions, activity prompts, open writing sections, and give you the tools to communicate more effectively in your relationships.

ScenePal – a travel application helping you to tailor individual travel itineraries to your preference and share itineraries with the broader community.  Our team is in the design stages for this application.

Career Finder – a personalized approach to mapping jobs to your particular preferences.  Our team is currently in the design phase.

Please stay tuned as we continue our development.

Our Beliefs:

  1. Clear, Effective, and Efficient Communication is the foundation for progress
  2. Intelligent Logic married to creative imagination births innovative thinking that can solve any challenge
  3. Solutions that focus on functionality and simplicity within given constraints are the most beautiful designs
  4. Kindness and Respect are deserved by all people
  5. Expanding our minds through experience and debate leads to advancement and growth